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Updated 10.14.2014

Featured Wine    October 17th through the 25th at participating Kappy's Distributors

Natale Verga Pinot Grigio  -  It's back! A crowd favorite, this wine sold out almost immediately upon release and we've been struggling to keep up with demand! Light, crisp, dry and floral, this is an outstanding Pinot Grigio for any occasion- and the incredibly affordable price doesn't hurt either!

Natale Verga Sauvignon Blanc  -  While not a lot of Sauvignon Blanc is produced in Italy, the folks at Natale Verga are here to prove that not only can it be done but it can be done well! Showing lovely fruit flavors of melon, peach, apricot and citrus (but not nearly as much as you'd find in a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc) this wine is perfect for casual drinking with friends.

Natale Verga Prosecco  -  Showing more Champagne-like flavors of brioche, ginger and lemon curd, this Italian sparkler has more body and complexity than many other Prosecco, as well as a long, creamy finish. Perfect for everyday drinking as well as special occasions, its time to grab a bottle and enjoy!

Natale Verga Moscato d'Asti  -  Our newest (and possibly our new favorite!) the Natale Verga Moscato d'Asti is bright and crisp with great acid, delicate and tropical fruit and just the right amount of sweetness. The slight frizzante nature of the wine keeps the palate refreshed and wanting more! Who doesn't love a nice glass of Moscato?!

Natale Verga Chianti  -  We know that many of you loved the Natale Verga Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and the Pinot Grigio and we're sure that you'll like the Chianti just as much! With delicate fruit, mild spice and a soft finish, this is a great wine for casual weeknight sipping.

Natale Verga Chianti Classico  -  Fans of the Natale Verga line rejoice; they have finally released their appellated wines! A step or two above the entry level bottling of Chianti, this wine has delicate fruit, mild spice and a soft finish and is a great wine for casual weeknight sipping.

Natale Verga Chianti Classico Reserva  -  The added benefit of extra wood aging really comes through as this wine has a richer and earthier feel than most regular Chianti. With rustic, dusty notes and a plush fruit driven feel, this is a great mash-up of the old and the new. Pair with rigatoni bolognese with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Natale Verga Barolo  -  Wait a second; Barolo for less than $25? What?! And what? It's really good?! It's too good to be true! Well, here at Kappy's, we always strive for too good to be true and we think that this wine is a grand-slam! Perfect Nebbiolo flavors abound in this wine with potpourri, dried flowers, earth, spice and an elegant finish. Roasted lamb? Yes please!

The Culprit  -  Guilty of being unlawfully delicious, this wine is a proprietary blend of eight different grapes, all grown in the Sonoma coast, which come together to create one amazing wine. Inky purple in color, this is no small wine, with lush flavors of red raspberry, bittersweet chocolate and blackberry compote. Full bodied and rich, this will be a great accompaniment to dry-rubbed pork ribs.

Zombie Zin  -  A monster of a wine, this Zinfandel has a tremendous amount of dark, juicy and brambly fruit to go along with a very full and rich mouthfeel. A killer bottle of wine, this pairs well with dry rubbed meats, braises and brrraaaaiiinnnnssss....

Terres de Galets Cotes du Rhone  -  With so many amazing Cotes du Rhone available right now, it is truly a buyers market, and Terres de Galets Cotes du Rhone is one that you'll definitely want to buy. This blend has great, new world fruit notes, a bit of black licorice and a caressing mouthfeel that will make it a great pairing with grilled meats.

Terres de Galets Cotes du Rhone Rosť  -  I don't know about you but I like crisp and refreshing flavors of strawberry, raspberry and currant year round. It need not be summer for me to enjoy wines with complexity and bright acidity. Just because the cold weather is coming doesn't mean that I'm ready to stop drinking wines that pair well with just about anything that I'm serving. Looks like I'm going to be drinking Terres de Galets Cotes du Rhone Rosť this evening and so should you!

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